Ever since my parents took me to see ‘Gremlins’ in the theater at the age of 3 I have been hooked on horror in all of it’s incarnations. Once I got older my friends and I would devour the horror section at the local video stores and take in all of the offerings both good & those that were downright unwatchable. Those years shaped me as the horror fan that I am today and led to the inevitable years as a teen where we all dreamed of making low budget horror movies or conjuring up fx that would make Savini and Bottin envious. Well, that never happened due to laziness and other teenager activities. A few years back I on a whim started writing for a few horror movie sites. I loved writing as a child and once I started writing for the sites I discovered why I stopped all those years ago. I loathe having to sit in front of a piece of paper or PC and type out articles, reviews, or what ever the topic is. I much prefer talking or ranting about the genre, films, or whatever comes to mind. With this realization and after having listened to podcast’s covering many different topics over the years I decided to try and get an interview from a director for the podcast of the site that I was writing for. The interview went great but before I knew it once the interview was posted I found that I would much prefer to be in control of how the interview was distributed to the public. Henceforth, The birth of The Picking Brains Podcast.

What at the time seemed a daunting task that I knew nothing about has worked out well so far. Now this by no means pays the bills at home and with the costs of hosting the files and other costs I actually lose money but the fact that I get to bring interviews with people that I consider true visionaries in their respective fields to the masses is something that I truly enjoy doing. Without a beautiful saint of a wife who has put up with my various endeavors and random outings (such as Bruce Campbell events and a Ron Jeremy stand up show of all things.) I would not be where I am today. This doesn’t even include the ‘Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer’ date night viewing and other random quirks of mine. How she has put up with me for a decade plus is beyond me. But with her and two wonderful sons(who do make some background appearances….yelling & crying on some of the early episodes) life could not be better.

As for the podcast, there have definitely been issues with the first episodes. From my bumbling intros and outros to the sync issue plagued Larry Fessenden episode. I chalk those up to learning experiences and with the site up in it’s current form and the recording process streamlined and upgraded the future is bright for the podcast. This podcast is definitely a labor of love for the genre in all it’s forms. As you might notice I do sometimes step out of the genre and interview people not related to horror and when that happens it is due to the person being someone whose work I respect and enjoy. Hopefully this podcast continues for many years to come. As long as people out there are listening I will keep putting the episodes out. Thanks for listening and I hope everyone enjoys the podcast.



E-Mail: Podcast@picking-brains.com