Are You There God? It’s Brad & Nathan. AKA The Joe Bob Briggs Episode

Joe Bob Briggs


Here it is folks. The podcast has reached the 100 episode milestone & we are honored to have Joe Bob Briggs as the guest. Joe Bob is an idol to both Nathan and myself. This is one of the few times we were both in full on fan boy mode. Words cannot express how thrilled we both are to have been able to pick the brain of Joe Bob for this epic episode. Sit back and enjoy the FU that occurs and become a full fledged Drive-In Mutant.

Here’s the Drive-In totals for our Joe Bob Briggs journey.

2 drunken horror punk scumbags

1 Hotel

1 Gallon of whiskey

1 Mortified Hobbit

0 breasts

1 Get The Fuck On The Bus

Unexpected Gary Busey

Excessive Count Hogan

Gratuitous drunken wandering

Infinite Hipsters

Iranian Movieness Fu

Elevator Fu

The Hunger & Darkness Fu

Free Breakfast Fu

Not the bees Ardvarking

Pinball’s will roll

4 Stars Brad & Nathan say check it out.

Massive Thank You’s to The Chattanooga Film Festival for the awesome time and hospitality, Tracy for helping make the dreams of two uber fans come true, and to the legend himself Joe Bob Briggs!!! A  heartfelt thank you as well to everyone who has ever listened to an episode of this podcast. When I started this show I had no clue if I would last two episodes. I truly appreciate everyone who listens, supports, and emails the show as well as all of the past guests. Without you this podcast would not exist.

Find Joe Bob Briggs at his Website, Facebook, & Twitter 


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