Andy D: The Party Werewolf Meets Zombie Werewolf!

Andy D


I’m joined this episode by Ryan Cadaver (The Casket Creatures) and Andy Fucking D!!!!

The extra exclamation points will make sense to those that have experienced an Andy D live show. Andy, Ryan, & I discuss everything under the sun from Power gloves,Unicorns,the power of dance, fans in the Netherlands, Prince, Iron Maiden, & why Ryan and Andy both hate clowns. Yes it is an action packed episode this go around. I honestly believe this might be my favorite episode of the podcast thus far. Give it a listen and follow the links below to bring some Andy D into your life. Take it from Ryan and I you will be a better person for it. Thanks to Andy & Ryan for the time and discussion. All music in this episode is performed by Andy D!

Andy D Links

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Casket Creature Links

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Watch the Zombie Werewolves From Outer Space Video Here (Seriously you all should have at least seen this video thousands of times by now)

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