Steve Johnson: From out of the jungle the makeup god returns!

Steve Johnson

The guest this episode is one whose works both terrified & inspired me in my youth. Makeup artist, Steve Johnson is one of those people who has left a mark on generations of people. From Ghostbusters, Fright Night, Species, The Abyss, and countless other films Steve has a body of work that only a precious few can equal. Steve and I discuss aspects of his career, his thoughts on the industry, what he has planned for the future, and what he did with his time away from the movie industry. Everyone be on the lookout for Rob Hall’s film, Fear Clinic, and for Steve’s book once it is released.  Many thanks once again to Steve for carving out time to speak with me.

Check out some amazing videos on Steve’s YouTube channel  I highly recommend watching Everloving .

Check out the great interview Steve did for The Monster Show.

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