Chris Folino: Sparks, Gamers, & Chandrashekar!

Chris FolinoThe guest for this episode is writer/director, Chris Folino. Chris has a new film out titled ‘Sparks’. ‘Sparks’ is a great entry into the lower budget superhero films and really shines in the cast, story, and setting. Chris’s debut film ‘Gamers’ is also one that is a must see that had me laughing nonstop while still being heartfelt and sincere minus the horse ejaculate. Chris and I discuss his career thus far, the challenges an independent film faces, working with SAG, and how the events in ‘Gamers’ were based on true events, minus the swinging parents. See I’ve already given you a glimpse into the fun that awaits you in Chris’s films so go and check them out and continue to support independent films and the brave souls who live to make them for our enjoyment.

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