Mark Miller: Nightbreed, Seraphim, & Editing Clive!

Mark Miller

The guest this episode is the Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) of the Nightbreed saga. Mark Miller is the man responsible for discovering the lost footage that evaded everyone for years. Without him we wouldn’t be on the cusp of seeing Clive’s vision restored. Mark is also the Vice President of Seraphim and is the man that makes it all run like clockwork when it comes to making the deadlines and answering interview requests (listen to the episode it will make sense). Mark has also written for the Hellraiser and Next Testament comics. Mark and I discuss how he got started working for Clive, his finding of the Ark Of The Covenant (Nightbreed lost footage), What it’s like editing Clive’s written words, and what he has planned for the future, which includes a quite awesome film that he describes as a horror version of ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’. Mark is a true force in the genre and I believe big things are brewing at Seraphim. Thanks again to Mark for the time and lively discussion and also for causing me to re-read an email to make sure I typed everything correctly (once again it will make sense when you listen to the episode).

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