Paul Hyett: A Director That Deserves Your Attention!


Paul HyettThe guest this episode is Makeup FX wizard and director, Paul Hyett. Paul absolutely blew me away with all of his makeup creations over the years and when I saw his directorial debut, ‘The Seasoning House’ my jaw was on the floor. Paul has done what many in the FX trade have tried before in making the move to directing but Paul far exceeds those that came before him in that aspect. Paul and I discuss what interested him in Makeup FX as a child and how he got into the industry as well as his first of many collaborations with Neil Marshall and countless other films that he has worked on. We also discuss his experiences on the set of ‘The Seasoning House’ and all that has come after it’s release. I cannot urge you enough to check out ‘The Seasoning House’ and whatever projects that Paul comes out with in the future. Thanks again to Paul for the time and discussion on his career and the genre in general.


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