Chris Alexander: Fangoria, Queen of Blood, & Twilight Zone! or two thirty somethings talk horror for an hour and a half.

Chris Alexander

The guest this episode is Fangoria Editor-In-Chief, Chris Alexander. Aside from his job at Fangoria, Chris also writes, directs, composes, edits films all the while finding time to box Uwe Boll. If that isn’t a full plate I don’t know what is. Chris and I discuss what got him into horror, his ascent to Editor-In Chief, the return of GoreZone, his feature film, Blood for Irina, his upcoming film, Queen of Blood and a litany of other off the wall horror topics. Be on the lookout for all of Chris and Fangoria’s upcoming works and if you haven’t seen Blood for Irina give it a watch, it is a film that I believe all fans of the genre should see at least once. Thanks again to Chris for the time and discussion of his exploits and the genre.

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