Leif Jonker: Darkness, Independent Film making, & The Future!

Leif Jonker

For the anniversary episode of the podcast I wanted a guest who would really encapsulate what the podcast is about. The guest, Leif Jonker is the perfect person to convey that. A unique personality who brought the horror world a film that tore the walls down with his film, ‘Darkness’. When I first saw this film back in the 90’s as a teen I was shocked at the level of gore and kinetic energy that flashed on the screen. My friends and I waited for his next release which sadly never came. Now 20 years later, ‘Darkness’ is still being discovered by horror fans and the time for a followup is hopefully coming soon. I urge all horror fans to search out ‘Darkness’ and give it a viewing. This episode is a long one so sit back and listen to the journey Leif has been on over the 20 years since ‘Darkness’ and what the future will hopefully hold for him and the legacy of ‘Darkness’. Thanks again to Leif for the time and in depth discussion.

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