Daniel Farrands & Thommy Hutson: Crystal Lake Memories

Daniel Farrands & Thommy Hutson

This episode the guests are Daniel Farrands (Writer, Director) and Thommy Hutson(Producer) . They are the people responsible for such great documentaries as ‘More Brains A Return To The Living Dead’ & ‘Never Sleep Again The Elm Street Legacy”. Their new release, ‘Crystal Lake Memories The Complete History of Friday The 13TH’ comes out this Friday. Daniel & Thommy have both poured their hearts & souls into this documentary and in doing so have brought the fans a truly special gift. We discuss Jason, the process of getting the documentary made, how close it follows the book, and their favorite films and Jason actor’s of the series. ¬†Over 10 hours of Jason goodness can be had if you order the Blu-ray from the Crystal Lake Memories website. I urge you all to pick up this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and help support Daniel and Thommy’s herculean effort. Thanks again to Daniel & Thommy for the time and discussion of all thing Voorhees.


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