Robert Kurtzman: Creature Corp., KNB, And The Best $750 Ever Spent!

Robert Kurtzman

This is an episode from the vaults of the podcast. It was published at the old home of the podcast but I decided to post it here for all to enjoy. The guest is legendary makeup artist, Robert Kurtzman. Rob along with Greg Nicotero, & Howard Berger started KNB. Robert also came up with the idea and story for ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’. Along with all his makeup work on countless genre classics Rob has also directed feature films such as ‘Wishmaster’ & ‘The Rage’. It was an honor to speak with Rob and touch on his career thus far. I hope you enjoy the episode and if your interested in learning Makeup FX ¬†check out his makeup school. Thanks again to Rob for the time and discussion.



Check out Rob, the creature corp. and his FX school Here

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