Russell Cherrington & Craig Sheffer: Cabal, Midian, and The Future!

NightbreedThe guests this episode are Russell Cherrington & Craig Sheffer. The topic? The epic restoration of Clive Barker’s film Nightbreed. After viewing the Cabal cut at The Gwinnett International Film Festival I must say that it is a mind blowing experience. This film has become my favorite of Clive’s work and one of my favorites of any genre. I urge you to get to a screening if you can and take in the sight that is the Cabal cut. You really could not ask for better representatives for the film. Russell and Craig are great people and have a true love of this film. I urge everyone to support their efforts and also check out Craig’s directorial effort ‘American Crude’. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us with the film project they are currently working on. Thanks again to Russell and Craig for the time and discussion.

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