Russell Cherrington: Rebuilding Midian & Giving The Devil His Due!

Russell Cherrington

We’ve all heard the urban legends. BigFoot, The Jersey Devil, and the version of ‘Nightbreed’ that could have been. Well the guest this epsiode has made one of those a reality. Russell Cherrington, is the man responsible for The Cabal cut of Nightbreed! The undertaking of this task is an amazing feat. Russell has given fans what we thought we would never see. For those unaware of the story of ‘Nightbreed’ it is a long and winding road of a tale and Russell recounts it beautifully in this interview. From what went wrong in the first place to the finding of the footage by Mark Miller and all throughout the rebuilding and showing of the film. All genre fans owe a debt of gratitude to Russell for his contribution. In addition to his work on the Cabal cut of Nightbreed Russell also has other projects in line such as a adaptation of a Clive Barker story and hopefully a feature length of his ‘To The Devil His Due’ short starring Doug Bradley. Thanks again to Russell for his time and insight into his career and the process of restoring this film to it’s deserved status.



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