Adam Green: Holliston, Hatchet, & Battleship!



Adam Green


This episode marks the one year anniversary of the podcast! The guest this episode is genre icon Adam Green. Adam has a great deal going on currently with the ¬†upcoming releases of the second season of ‘Holliston’, ‘Hatchet 3’, and the fundraiser in Boston to benefit the victims of the bombing. He also just recently launched a podcast with Joe Lynch called ‘The Movie Crypt’. The topics in the interview range from the upcoming season of ‘Holliston’, ‘Hatchet 3’ and the film ‘Battleship’ among many others. I urge you to check out all of Adam’s work if you haven’t thus far. He is one of the few filmmakers that stays true to his art and elevates the genre with every project that he puts out. ‘Spiral’ and ‘Frozen’ are often overlooked by genre fans and are truly masterpieces. If you have not seen these films go out and do so ASAP. Thanks again to Adam for the time and discussion. I am now off to watch ‘Battleship’.


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