Philip Nutman: Wet Work, Barker, And The Girl Next Door

Phlip Nutman

This episode the guest is acclaimed author, screenwriter, & Fangoria legend Philip Nutman. Philip is one of the people whose work truly inspired me when I was in my teens. His novel ‘Wet Work’ really changed the way zombies were viewed by readers and his vast interviews with genre legends are what taught me that interviews don’t have to be the generic yada yada fluff piece that so many tend to be. With his work in the literary world and screenwriting credits Philip has truly proven to be a force in the genre. From the aforementioned ‘Wet Work’ to ‘Cities Of Night’ and the ‘Girl Next Door’ screenplay Philip has constantly pushed the boundaries of the genre. If you haven”t read or seen any of Philip’s work do so ASAP you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again to Philip for the time and discussion of his work and the genre.

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