Steven C. Miller: Crites, Kevin Bacon, & Horror!

Steven C. Miller

The guest this episode is director, Steven C. Miller. From his first film, ‘Automaton Transfusion’ to his recent works of ‘Silent Night’, ‘The Aggression Scale’, & ‘Under The Bed’ Steven has always done things his way. This is a director well worth watching and with his many projects that are in the works it looks like the future is bright for this skilled director. In the interview many topics are touched upon. An Automaton sequel, a possible action film, the current state of the genre, and as you can see from the title of the episode we also discuss Crites, and Kevin Bacon. What’s not to love about these great genre discussion points. So give the episode a listen and be on the lookout for all of Steven’s upcoming projects. Thanks again to Steven for working me into his busy schedule.

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