Michael Rooker: Discussing Henry, Merle, and Stink Palms

Michael Rooker

The guest this episode is a special one. Michael Rooker known by most as Merle from the hit T.V. show “The Walking Dead”.  However, most genre fans will know Michael for the iconic role of Henry from “Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer”. Michael has had a long and interesting career in Hollywood balancing his roles between big budget films like “Cliffhanger” to the independent “Slither” and “Super” to name a few. Michael much like Merle speaks his mind and gives some great insights into some of his great roles including a great story on his hair color for “Mallrats”. I can’t stress enough if you haven’t seen “Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer” go and buy the DVD and marvel at Mr. Rooker’s performance in this genre classic. Many thanks to Juliette for getting this interview set up for me. And thanks to Michael for the insights and the time.

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