Jack Sholder: A Filmmaker To Rediscover

Jack SholderThis episode the guest is director, Jack Sholder. Jack made a string of genre classics starting with Alone In The Dark and including Nightmare On Elm. Street 2, and the often referenced The Hidden. In addition to this he also edited the horror classic The Burning, which we all know had content issues with the MPAA. Jack is an awesome guy and it was a true honor to speak to him. Alone In The Dark is one of my all time favorites and a forgotten classic of any genre not just horror. If you have not seen it by all means do so ASAP. And for reference it’s not the shitty Christian Slater, Tara Reid joke that came out years ago. I highly recommend checking out Jack’s catalog and with all that he has done including his current role in the film department at Western Carolina University he has truly made a impact with his contributions. Here’s to hoping that he one day returns to the director’s chair.

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