Marc Senter: Ray Pye, Frankie and so much more!

Mark Senter

This episode the guest is actor Marc Senter and it was an honor to speak to an actor that I have respected for years. He truly is one of the few actor’s out there that carries on the tradition of true method acting Ala Johnny Depp in the 90’s and Brando and the likes before him. If you have not seen Marc’s work by all means run and check it out. From The Lost and Red, White, & Blue to his newest releases of The Devil’s Carnival and Brawler you truly never know what Marc might do with his next role. The interview touches on many subjects from his acting inspirations to views on today’s current Hollywood model. With his new production company GFY films Marc and his partner Nathan Grubbs seemed posed to continue bringing fans great and uncompromising work.  So give the episode a listen and find out why I plead with him to please keep from jumping around pirate ships and running around chocolate factories in the future.  Thanks again to Marc for the time.
To find out more about Marc check out his website at:

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