Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey: To Hell They Ride!

Lance Henriksen

This episode’s guest is a special one! Lance Henriksen is a name that not only genre fans but all film fans should know, from his roles in films such as Terminator, Aliens, Near Dark, Pumpkinhead, Hard Target & Dog Day Afternoon just to name a few. Lance has lived an amazing life thus far and his book “Not Bad For A Human” is a perfect compliment to his career in film.  Lance and his writing partner Joe Maddrey also have a new comic that releases on 12/12/12 through Dark Horse Comics, The name of the comic is titled “To Hell You Ride” and from speaking to Lance & Joe this is a comic that is not to be missed. It was truly an honor to speak with Lance about his career and any other topics that came up during the interview. Here’s to hoping that the “Millennium”  movie gets the backing that it so truly deserves.  Thanks again to Lance and Joe for taking the time out of their busy schedules to speak with me.  And go out and buy “To Hell You Ride” on 12/12/12.
Check out Lance and Joe’s works here

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